CB Insurance ... For your Financial Security !

About CB Insurance

Established in 2012, CB Insurance is a public company created with a vision and desire to present the community with innovative products supported by best practice service. Our goal is to be the leading Life Insurance provider, bringing financial experience and strength to our investment strategies.

As part of the long established CB Group, we have inherited a strong reputation of fairness, integrity and trustworthiness which we are committed to continuing as we build our own reputation.

At CB Insurance, we are always listening, always understanding, as we strive to prove we are worthy of your trust. Deserving of the right to give you peace of mind, knowing that we are creating generational protection, wealth management and delivering financial security.

Every day we have thousands of opportunities to connect with customers. In each of these interactions, regardless of the method of contact, we aspire to provide consistently remarkable experiences. CB Insurance's characteristic is a culture of serving others.

Your needs are our needs, your dreams are our dreams as we partner together, allowing you to experience life with the knowledge that you and your loved ones are financially protected.

Your needs are our needs, fortified by a network of qualified agents, supporting branches and an ethos of teamwork, CB Insurance is ideally situated to provide and maintain high levels of service coupled with financial strength, to meet all your life insurance and financial services needs. Your dreams are our dreams as we partner with you, allowing you to experience life with the knowledge that you and your loved ones are financially protected.

Why are we here?

Insurance in Myanmar has not always been available to the general public and this has always been a concern for the KMA Group. Subsequent to the economic reforms; the CB Group set up "Citizen Business Insurance Company (CBIC) Limited". The decision to set up CB Insurance Company was influenced by the lack of options for Entrepreneurs, SME's and other investors in a fiercely competitive and highly sensitive market.

The CBIC intends to provide the Myanmar general public with reliable risk cover at affordable prices.

The company will initially cover the general insurance stream and then gradually diversify its portfolio and expand the in to other areas.

Our Vision

To be the leading life insurance provider who contributes to society through innovative products and highest standard of services and constantly generate sustainable wealth for all stake holders.

Our Mission

To provide for our customers' Protection, Savings and Investment needs through innovative products and services.

Core Values

Customer Focus
We provide quality products & services that meet our customers' needs.
We keep our promises and are committed to doing business with the highest levels of professionalism.
Financial Strength
By maintaining our financial strength and superior investment returns, we ensure that we are always in a position to retain your trust in us.
Our customer's data and information privacy is very important to us and we insist on ensuring that your data and information always stays private.
Integrity is what our principles are based on.
We operate in a professional manner and adhere to our code of conduct in daily operations.
We are environmentally concerned and very involved in our community and will always be a responsible corporate citizen.
Excellence Services
We strive to ensure that our products and services are exceptional and implement strategies that drive innovation to deliver products and services that closely suit your needs.
Team Work
We strongly believe in unity the of our teams. We ensure that our team members are provided with the tools and information to support our employees to excel in their jobs.
Products & Services