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Athletes Life Insurance plan

All sport men who are from age 10 to 60 years from each region can assure. Term is only one year.

They can buy one unit for 5000 kyat and one can buy till five units. Be in good health physically.

If they got injury when they were training at stadium or sport ground, they would get benefit as follow:

No Injury Amount of sum insuredx
1 Death 100%
2 Disability 100%
3 Loss of one eye 50%
4 Loss of one hand 50%
5 Loss of one leg 50%
6 Broke of one hand 25%
7 Broke of one leg 25%
8 Deaf of one ear 20%
9 Hospitalization (allow 52 weeks) one week Kyat 10000

There is exception from above lists, CB Insurance will pay beneficiary according to Third party liability law by Myanma Insurance.

If he hurt himself intentionally, involve in criminal case or using alcohol, they cannot get benefit. CB Insurance won’t give benefit for the normal injury when they play boxing , karate, judo.