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Group Life Insurance Plan

All employees from age 18 years to 60 years can assure. Group Life needs at least 5 employees. Boss or employees can assure. Employees can assure from at least 10000 kyats to at most Lakh 50 Kyats. Term is only 1 year and the insured needs to pay the premium in one time. All employees who are in good health from age 18 years to 45 years do not need to report medical checkup. Age above 45 years (or) sum assured is above 10 lakhs need medical report by specialist who is regarded by CB Insurance.


No Injury Amount of sum assured
1 Disability 100%
2 Loss of one eye 50%
3 Loss of one hand 50%
4 Loss of one leg 50%
5 Broke of one hand 25%
6 Broke of one leg 25%
7 Deaf of one ear 25%

If the insured suicide himself , using Narcotic Drugs, get injury by involving in criminal case, (or) hurt himself, employees cannot get benefit. After the employees quit from job (or) fired, insurance company does not responsible for his death and injuries and employees also cannot get any benefit.

Evidence for claim

  1.  In case of death, application form by beneficiary
  2.  Recommendation by responsible person
  3. Death certificate copy
  4. Injury for medical record