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Question & Answer

1, How can we buy Life Insurance?

Please contact us either through phone or email. Our C B Insurance Agent will arrange a convenient time to visit you to discuss your needs and complete the application form. Depending on your details and the sum insured amount a medical examination may be required at one of our recommended medical centers. Once your application has been accepted and your first premium payment has been made, a policy document will be quickly processed and delivered to you.

2, Who can buy life insurance?

Our Public Life Insurance Policy is available to anyone between the ages of 10 to 55 who is in good health.

3, What is the maximum allowable sum issured?

Sum insured amount can range from a minimum of 50,000 Kyats to a maximum of 300 Lakhs.

4, What is the length of the policy term?

Policy term may range from a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 42 years long, depending on your current age.

5, How do we pay the premium?

The premium can be paid monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annually via a bank standing order, mobile banking, bank transfer, bank deposit or cash payment at our office.

6, Can I appoint a beneficiary?

Yes, we would only require a copy of beneficiary's NRC. And if a minor being named as the beneficiary, the NRC copy of a parent or guardian will be required. In case of necessary, you could also change the beneficiary at your discretion.

7, Life insurance policy only pays a death benefit?

No, below are the other benefits a policyholder may be entitled to:

  1. Loan
  2. Maturity
  3. Surrender value
  4. Paid-up value
  5. Discount value
  6. Total permanent disability
  7. Income tax relief

8, Where can we buy life insurance?

You can buy life insurance through our Agents and Bancassurance Agents or at CB Insurance offices.